Saturday, March 9, 2013

Overcoming Selfishness & Learning The Art of Giving

I expect too much. I expect the shirt from the back of the people that claim to love me. As if love were measured by what we gave in material things. There are other ways to measure love. And we must be as eager to give as we are to receive. 

I wonder if I would give half of the things I've been given. Sometimes giving means going without. I wonder if I would be so eager to make that sort of sacrifice. I don't know if I would. Self, how dare you be so selfish. How dare you take without giving & without gratitude. Be the giver.

We can always give something. Give without expecting and without pouting our lips in dissapointment because we didn't get something we feel was owed to us. The truth is that we are owed nothing and the very least we can do for our fellow man is give of our time and money and hearts.

                                              Give grace.
                                              Give time.
                                              Give patience.
                                              Give love.
                                              Give friendship.
                                              Give chances.
                                              Give second chances.
                                              Give thanks.
                                              Give more.

I must practice this, master the art of giving (without expecting) from the heart, every day until forever.

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